Fast and Confidential Online Diagnosis

Simple questions and answers will provide a "Possible Diagnosis" within a few minutes in those individuals who have  symptoms typical of any of the 400 diseases listed in the database.

For a nominal fee, or free of charge to members, RapidDiagnosis will provide a detailed disease description of the possible diagnosis including: Signs and Symptoms, Treatment and Patient Management. It will also provide details of the Investigations required to confirm the diagnosis and a list of Other Conditions to Consider.  Detailed information on those other conditions is available when applicable.

All information is written in clear, concise and easy to understand English and is mostly accompanied by helpful illustrations. Information of this quality and in this format is not available elsewhere and can save you hours of fruitless searching.

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 No Advertising Policy

Rapid diagnosis does not accept advertising and the content of the site and software is not influenced by commercial  concerns or any professional, political, religious or other pressure groups. It is therefore necessary to charge a nominal fee for the information contained on this site so that the software can be properly supported and developed and intellectual integrity maintained.

Rapid Diagnosis

This picture is used in recognition of the outstanding portrayal of the diagnostician, Dr House, by Hugh Laurie. It does not imply or infer any endorsement of this software by Hugh Laurie or anyone otherwise connected with this excellent TV series.


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