What is Rapid Diagnosis

Rapid diagnosis is a computer programme designed to assist with the diagnosis of medical conditions which can be differentiated by their symptoms. A PROBABLE DIAGNOSIS can be established with this software within 2 minutes, using a deductive logic system. This probable diagnosis is provided FREE OF CHARGE. The following further important information concerning and specific to the PROBABLE DIAGNOSIS is available for a nominal fee.

  • Disease Description. This provides a detailed and comprehensive description of the disease. This information is presented in a clear and simple format that allows understanding of the disease process and the resulting signs, symptoms and possible complications.
  • Signs and Symptoms. A complete description of all the signs and symptoms associated with this particular disease.
  • Other Conditions to Consider. This provides a list of other conditions which may have similar symptoms, and should be considered in a differential diagnosis. Complete information on these diseases is provided if they are included in the database.
  • Investigations. A detailed list of recommended investigations which may be used to validate or refute the diagnosis. This includes laboratory tests, radiography, imaging, surgery and all other relevant investigations
  • Treatment. A comprehensive and detailed description of current recommended treatments, including dosages
  • Patient Management. Things the patient can do to assist in treatment where applicable.

This information is intended to fully inform the patient about all aspects of their PROBABLE DIAGNOSIS and other conditions with similar symptoms so that they will be able to better understand and actively participate in their medical care. Comprehensive and detailed information of this type and in this format is not available on any other website or in any medical textbook

Rapid Diagnosis is not a substitute for a diagnosis made by a qualified medical practitioner, based on a thorough examination and appropriate investigations. All diagnosis made with this software should be confirmed by a qualified medical practitioner.

The primary objective of this software is to encourage an active interest in health related problems, their diagnosis and treatment, and to empower patients by providing them with accurate, up to date knowledge, so that they may understand and participate in their health care.


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