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Vol1; No1; 27-01-10.
Preventive Health - Prostate Cancer Screening. News - New Treatment for MS. Did You Know? - Good Circulation needs Muscle Power

Vol1; No2; 19-03-10.
Preventive Health - Breast Cancer Screening. News - Exercise grows brain cells. Did You Know? - the brain consumes 25% of the body's energy

Vol1; No3; 31-03-10.
Preventive Health - Screening for Colon Cancer. News - Low levels of vitamin D linked to asthma. Did You Know? - There is more to calcium than bones.

Vol1; No4; 20-05-10.
Preventive Health - Screening for Cardiovascular Disease. News - Exercise improves prostate cancer survival. Did You Know? - The heart is a muscle.

Vol1; No5; 26-05-10.
Preventive Health - Screening for Diabetes. News - Vitamin D Deficiency a Major Health Issue. Did You Know?  The Spleen can Auto-transfuse in Emergencies.

Vol1; No6; 23-06-10.
Preventive Health - Screening for Mental Illness. News – Fibroblast Growth Factor implicated in schizophrenia Did You Know?  Serotonin controls digestion

Vol1; No7; 25-07-10.
Preventive Health - Screening for Osteoporosis. News – Ferroportin is a prognostic indicator in breast cancer. Did You Know? Bones are cell factories.

Vol1; No8; 31-08-10.
Preventive Health - Screening for Hemochromatosis. News – More diseases linked to Vitamin D deficiency. Did You Know?  The liver is the body's main chemical factory

Vol1; No9; 29-09-10.
Preventive Health - Screening for vitamin B12 deficiency. News – Rheumatoid arthritis protein may protect against Alzheimer's disease. Did You Know?  Melatonin is the brain's light switch

Vol1; No10; 29-10-10.
Preventive Health - Screening for folate deficiency. News – Taste receptors in lungs may facilitate asthma treatment. Did You Know?  Healthy humans have 20-30 trillion circulating red blood cells.

Vol1; No11; 29-11-10.
Preventive Health - Screening for Chlamydia. News – Successful trial of dendritic cell vaccine in cancer treatment. Did You Know? Intraocular lenses are being used to improve vision.

Vol1; No12; 22-12-10.
Preventive Health - Screening for Iodine Deficiency. News – New gene sequencing technique used to identify unknown disease. Did You Know? Strabismus is not the same as lazy eye.

Vol2; No1; 31-01-11.
Preventive Health - Screening for Vitamin D Deficiency. News – Pomegranate juice may prevent or delay metastases in prostate cancer. Did You Know? The nose detects flavours.

Vol2; No2; 28-02-11.
Preventive Health - Screening for Cervical Cancer. News – Vaccine for Alzheimer's Disease. Did You Know? The heart is an electric pump.

Vol2; No3; 31-03-11.
Preventive Health - Vitamin C Deficiency. News – Role of vitamin D in immune system identified. Did You Know? Stem cells can be what you want them to be.


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