How Does Rapid Diagnosis Work?

Database and Logic

Rapid Diagnosis asks a series of simple Yes or No questions designed to identify diagnostically significant symptoms. Using this information, the software scans a large disease database, compiled from the designated sources listed below,  and identifies possible causes. The most likely diagnosis is identified by a process of elimination and a further series of YES or NO questions directed by response driven deductive logic. By using only diagnostically significant symptoms and deductive logic, the software is able to give a highly accurate answer (>98%) in those cases where the symptoms are typical of the identified disease. This system is also very fast, allowing a possible diagnosis in approximately  2 minutes. The deductive logic system also identifies disease with similar or closely related symptoms which should be considered in a differential diagnosis.

The accuracy and speed of the system have been determined using a comprehensive testing system, based on typical agreed symptoms identified in the designated sources. All testing has been fully documented and is available for examination at Macquarie Health Corporation, Moore St, Leichhardt.

Data Source

All of the medical data used to compile this software was extracted, cross-referenced or summarised from the highly reputable sources listed below

  • Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 16th Edit
  • The Merck Manual 18th Edit
  • Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine 6th Edit
  • Murtagh’s General Practice
  • Medscape’s eMedicine

Factors Affecting Accuracy

The accuracy of the diagnosis will be reduced in patients with atypical or unusual symptoms. Accuracy will also be reduced in patients with chronic diseases who have a flare of symptoms or in patients with more than one condition. Correct answers to questions are essential for an accurate diagnosis.

Underlined text

Medical terminology is widely used throuout this programme and to assist in understanding this and other terminology, the relevant words are underlined. Passing the cursor over these underlined words or phrases will open up a box containing a simple explanation of the underlined text.


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