About Rapid Diagnosis

Rapid Diagnosis was produced by WWW Machealth, a division of Macquarie Health Corporation.

dmac.jpgRapid Diagnosis was conceived, designed and constructed and all content written by Dr David E Macfarlane, PhD, FRCPath, Dr Macfarlane has many years experience in all aspects of medical microbiology. He has published widely in various international medical journals, delivered papers at numerous international conferences and lectured at a number of medical schools. Early attempts at devising diagnostic programmes for clinical microbiology prompted his interest in this type of software.

Assistance with data sources and testing was provided by:

Dr A Tahayori MD

Dr M Talebi MD

Dr R Dinova MD

Software design, development:

WWW Machealth Pty Ltd


 About Macquarie Health Corporation

Australian owned Macquarie Health Corporation has over 60 years combined experience in health care. Macquarie Health Corporation also owns Macquarie Hospital Services, the largest private hospital owner and operator in Sydney, and Macquarie Medical Systems. WWW MacHealth’s vision is to improve the quality and safety of health care by empowering individuals to have a greater understanding and involvement in their family’s medical information.

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